You Totally Missed The Strangest Thing About 'Stranger Things'

Doesn't anybody proofread!

Stranger Things” tells the story of some kids in the ‘80s taking on a government conspiracy and a monster from another dimension with the help of their telekinetic friend. To us, it seems strange. But, remember, this is the ‘80s!

Stuff like that happened all the time. It probably did, anyway. Who knows? It was a long time ago.

Still, while Demogorgons and the Upside Down are weird, you definitely missed the strangest thing about “Stranger Things.”

In our extensive research for clues into Season 2 of “Stranger Things,” we stumbled across a scoop that makes government conspiracies and other dimensions look like “Child’s Play” (obligatory ‘80s movie reference).

Warning! If you’re a copy nerd, we have one word of advice:

Image: Tumblr

It all comes down to this image from Season 1, Episode 3:

Just a regular newspaper article? Not a chance.
Just a regular newspaper article? Not a chance.

While looking into Hawkins National Laboratory as a possible connection to Will Byers’ (Noah Schnapp) disappearance, Sheriff Hopper (David Harbourcomes across a disturbing newspaper article about the CIA mind control program MKUltra and Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), who supposedly runs Hawkins Lab. The article discusses details of the experiments and Brenner’s possible involvement in child abductions for the tests, but that’s not the most heinous revelation. 

Here’s a close up look in case you missed it:

Do you see it?
Do you see it?

OK. Got it now?

The article repeats the same sentences over and over:

My copy editor may have just had a heart attack.

You can make out the words in both the yellow and red paragraphs. The text reads:

The documents contain significant details of the extent of the drug tests, including details of death at the hands of the experimenters. Including these new pieces of evidence the six subjects will offer witness testimony about their individual experiences in the labs.

Remember this probably isn’t even a local paper. At the library, Sheriff Hopper is looking for references to Hawkins Lab in papers like the “New York Times” and “The Post.” 

Demogorgons are one thing, but this article may have been published in The New York Times. 

That’s truly scary.

If so, the journalist is probably that kid who sat behind you in seventh grade and just copy and pasted a couple times to extend his research paper from two to four pages. (Congrats, dude. Looks like you’re doing great for yourself.)

Sure, it’s easy to assume the “Stranger Things” producers probably never intended for the article to be closely inspected, but what if they did? What if the Upside Down caused a rift in time and space that makes grammar completely irrelevant?

Wow, wouldn’t that b gr8!

Whatever the reason, in a show full of strange things, this is the strangest.

”Stranger Things” Season 2 arrives in 2017.



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