The Stressful Chore Of Working In Greece In The Year 2016

Admittedly, Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world but, however, the difficulties that the citizens have to face are many.

As the reason why I made this blog was to talk exclusively about the new generation of Greeks, who try to recover from the crisis and develop in an actually bankrupted state, this is exactly what I'm going to do right now. Young men and women at the age of 18-30 are in their majority excluded from the job market. But there are also cases of young people, who have got a job, but the exploitation by their boss that they have to undergo exhausts them at both personal and professional level.

This time I am not going to talk about the salaries that are not paid to the employees, as I have already done so in a previous post, but I am going to discuss the matter of boss behavior.

Unfortunately, rudeness, lack of respect towards the employee, insults and contempt are a common phenomenon. I know many people at this age, with a brilliant education and vision for the future, the only concern of whom, is to leave the country in search of, not only better living conditions, but also a behavior that follows humanistic principles.

Some people claim that the financial crisis made the citizens of the country- and especially those who possess some kind of power- show the darkest side of their character. Others believe that it is actually a tactic which was formed by the financial collapse of Greece. In other words, the employers know that the percentage of unemployment gets higher and higher and do not hesitate to treat their employees in a terrible way, being sure that a worker will tolerate everything by the time he 's not able to find another job.

As a consequence, all these young people with willingness and love for work, who constitute our human resources, and the innovative and creative ideas of whom could offer so much to this country and- why not ?- change its progressive decline, get discouraged.

I don't know if the individual problems that each one of us faces due to the situation to which our country has been reduced, make us burst our rage on weak people, but very often I wonder: how is it ever possible for such a beautiful place, to be so horrible in the eyes of its residents, that they want to run as far away as they can? Unfortunately, only the citizens themselves hold the answer to this question.