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Paul Carr's Hotel Show-Tell: The Four Seasons, Las Vegas

I'm back in Vegas and figured it was about time to bring my highly amateurish and somewhat sweary hotel room reviews back to HuffPost
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Back in May, I spent an entire month in Las Vegas, staying a single night in each of the hotels on the Strip. I wrote a daily diary of my adventure for The Huffpost, and for some of the better or more - uh - interesting hotels, I even pointed a Flipcam at myself for a series of highly amateurish, somewhat-sweary video reviews.

Since then, I've carried on making the videos -- reviewing hotels in London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and beyond. In London, the brand new W Leicester Square banned me from filming, so I convinced my friend Scott to smuggle me and my camera in. Fun ensued.

But now I'm back in Vegas and figured it was about time to bring the reviews back to HuffPost, and not just because my new book about my ridiculous hotel adventures has just been published in the US and I want to shamelessly promote it. (Kindle! iBooks!)

Ok then, my Second Big Vegas Hotel Adventure starts at The Four Seasons...