The Suitable Inheritor (Book Review)


"For those who love romance, epic adventures, mystery and adrenaline spiked tales; this is one book you won't be able to put down! A book filled with love, self-discovery and lessons we can learn from in life."

The Suitable Inheritor, author Pushpendra Mehta takes you on an extraordinary journey that begins one morning in the midst of his bedroom as Michael Elliott the main character is aroused from deep sleep by an early-morning dream when a striking young woman leads him to the Pacific Ocean and whispers that the ocean will help him discover his true destiny. Shortly after this astonishing, breath-taking dream, Michael is invited to Peru, where he wonders if this is the path to that destiny.

"The Suitable Inheritor" is an intriguing mystical revelation that identifies the characters life situations and how they amazingly impact his present circumstances. I found this book to be very intriguing. Packed with romance, philosophy, mystery, adventure and the element of surprise, I especially enjoyed how "The Suitable Inheritor" gives you the ability to enjoy several types of genres all in one book. This incredible book filled with romance, adventure, revelation, and mystery will lift you, shock you, stir you-and leave you begging for more.

As this intriguing adventure continues the Michael ventures to Lima to meet Andrew, a business guru, who impacts his life in so many ways he never thought possible. As his journey in seems to may have made a turn for the better, Michael is faced with opportunities that could change his life forever, however, he must decide if success is worth more than love or is the love and support of others worth more than success? What will he choose? What sacrifices is he willing to make?

The ending of the book will leave you speechless as this well-paced novel with romantic touches gives you the surprise of your life as the author provides an amazing, unexpected ending that will bring chills up and down your spine. Get ready for a world-wind of emotion as Mehta will bring you closer to a surprising resolution that you wouldn't anticipate.

I found this book to be very intriguing. Packed with emotion, thrills and more excitement that causes you to pop to the edge of your chair, drop your jaw, bulge your eyes and clench your fists waiting for the next element of surprise.

Pushpendra Mehta provides the reader with life lessons filled with epic adventure and romance. This alone intrigued my interest and makes the mind wonder about what really matters the most in life.

The suitable inheritor is an excellent read that will capture the reader's interest and make them yearn for a sequel."

Mehta gives the reader a lot to take in and he does this with his excellent writing skills, as he gracefully entertains the reader with several genres all wrapped up in one book.

I was impressed how well-written and interesting the book was when I read it. I recommend the suitable inheritor to others.


PUSHPENDRA MEHTA is the author of the books Win the Battles of Life & Relationships and Tomorrow's Young Achievers, which have earned him an internationally loyal readership. The richness of his experience comes from having donned diverse roles--writer, marketer, consultant, and entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of Northwestern University and Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics.