"The Sun Always Shines On TV": A Playlist for "The TV Land Awards"

In so much as I was ever raised, I was raised on television. So I once again had a total blast working on "The TV Land Awards " that airs tonight on TV Land at 9 p.m./8 CST. Beautifully hosted by Kelly Ripa -- who I first fell in love with on TV -- this year's show features cast reunions from the stars of Murphy Brown, Laverne & Shirley, In Living Color and One Day At A Time. Pee Wee Herman is also honored, as is The Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin, who performs wonderfully and, yes, soulfully. In honor of this grand annual TV event that celebrates TV so well, here's my playlist for tonight's great TV party. As always please add your own tubular tracks below.

"The Sun Always Shines on TV" -- a-Ha
"I Saw It on TV" -- John Fogerty
"Portable Television" -- Death Cab For Cutie
"Television Rules the Nation" -- Daft Punk
"Star on a TV Show" -- The Stylistics
"American Television" -- Ben Lee
"Television Man" -- Talking Heads
"Sleeping With the Television on" -- Billy Joel
"Television, Television" -- OK Go
"Television" -- Dave Edmunds
"Antichrist Television Blues" -- Arcade Fire
"Golden Age" -- TV On The Radio
"Television" -- Jack's Mannequin
"Guiding Light" -- Television
"Television Light" -- Marshall Crenshaw
"Television" -- Robyn Hitchcock
"Kicking Television" -- Wilco
"TV" -- Dwight Twilley Band