The Sundance Diaries Part 4: How Persian Women Talk, And More From Our Featured Filmmakers (VIDEO)

The Sundance Diaries Part 4: How Persian Women Talk

In part four of HuffPost Culture's ongoing series, The Sundance Diaries, our five featured shorts filmmakers tackle big questions. Like: What's an animator to do with a woman behind a veil? And was growing up in the seventies like being in a horror movie? (Disclosure: the answer has nothing to do with using a clothing iron on one's head, surprisingly.)

As always, click on any filmmaker's name below for their individual entry, and click "More" at the liveblog's end for previous installments. Have at it!

  • "Avocados" animator Kataneh Vahdani on learning to observe people in a country where women conceal themselves.
  • Director Kelly Sears on how the politics of the 1970s inspired her minimalist horror short, "Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise."
  • Jessie Ennis on directing "The Arm" with two fellow actresses who knew how to dress the part.
  • Animator Stephen Neary on the nonsense film that made "Dr. Breakfast" possible.
  • Tibor Banoczi on why his film "Les Conquerants" is like a good loaf of bread.

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