The Sundance Diaries Part 5: Dealing Drugs In Somalia

In part five of our ongoing series on the shorts filmmakers of Sundance, our featured five are either en route to Utah or looking back at how they got there. We start off today on the coast of Somalia, where the mild drug miraa keeps everyone calm on the high seas -- pirates and Somali actors alike. As always, you can click on any individual filmmaker's name in the list below to go directly to their post, and click "More" at the liveblog's ends for previous installments. Bon voyage!

  • Producer John Hibey on the mild narcotic he kept on set for "Fishing Without Nets," a short he co-created about Somali pirates.
  • Andrew Ahn on discovering old footage of his parents while directing his short about a Korean rite of passage, "Dol."
  • "UNA HORA POR FAVORA" director Jill Soloway on the scarf she knit for Sundance.
  • Writer and director Greg Hamilton on why Robert Redford signed onto his short about physical endangerment, "The Movement."
  • Animator Grant Orchard on working very hard to make something small, his short "A Morning Stroll."