The HuffPost Culture series "The Sundance Diaries" will investigate the "short" path to Sundance with regular diary-style entries from the storytellers, animators, and documentarians from around the world whose 64 short films were selected out of a pool of 7,675 for the 2012 festival.
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This is one in a series of posts for HuffPost Culture's "The Sundance Diaries," a month-long multimedia diary kept by the international filmmakers whose 64 short films were selected for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Jan. 22, 2012

I've seen "Dr Breakfast" maybe a million times. I've watched it through storyboards, through finished animation, through sound design. And even before I made the film, I saw it over and over again in my head, each time a little different.

But watching "Dr Breakfast" with an audience at Sundance is pretty nuts. Just because I'd seen the short so many times didn't make me want to vomit any less out of nervousness. When it screened for the first time on Saturday, my brain was peppered with questions like, "Did I remember to wear deodorant?" and "Am I wearing enough deodorant?"



Everything was fine. The audience laughed. I held my lunch. And after my film played first, I got to concentrate on the other wonderful films screening in the Animation Spotlight program:

"38-39˚C," Kangmin Kim"663114," Isamu Hirabayashi"Avocados," Kataneh Vahdani"Belly," Julia Pott"It's Such a Beautiful Day," Don Hertzfeldt"Night Hunter," Stacey Steers"Robots of Brixton," Kibwe Tavares"Slow Derek," Dan Ojari

The program is thoroughly creative and compelling. You might think from the subject sampling and execution that all animation directors are mentally unstable, we're all pretty chill people. I promise!

Just getting around Park City has been another adventure. The snow has slowed bus travel, and my best bet is usually hoofing around in Sundance-provided snow boots. It's been almost like having a festival at the north pole. Connie crocheted me a formidable scarf before I left New York. Well, more of a giant warm loop than a scarf. It's like a toasty Mobius strip minus the twist:


After just 10 minutes walking outside, this is what you'll look like.


Good thing we're all too hopped up on film to care!

WATCH a preview for Neary's Sundance entrant, "Dr. Breakfast":

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