The Sunday Blues

If you watched the usual round of weekend talk shows, it was enough to realize that the non-stop blab out of Washington was not the only source of intelligent analysis that exists in the country.

CNN, for instance, needs to hire an executive in charge who can tighten up its broadcasts and reach beyond the Hudson and Potomac Rivers to find the countless intelligent people in the rest of the nation and abroad with points of view that may be distinctly different from those who make a living, feeding off sources in the Capitol or the White House.

Somehow, in my view, what is lacking is the depth and perspective in dealing with developing news events. Clearly, what should be stressed in focusing on the problem in Syria and other parts of the Arab world is that the region is embroiled in a religious civil war between the Sunnis, the Kurds and other Holy Roller factions in the region. It is a deeply imbedded, generational feud that cannot be stopped by the fragmented United Nations or U.S. intervention. President Obama probably understands that, despite the clamoring "advice" of rightwing hawks lurking in the halls of Congress. American troops have no business being there as referees in the fighting. We don't need anymore full body bags coming back to the U.S.

What should be stopped once and for all is the cynical profiteering of the nations that are flooding the unstable region with arms, bombs and other hideous weapons of mass destruction for drug lords, bandits and chronic troublemakers.