The Super Committee and the Domestic Cold War

The headline Super Committee Stalled As Deadline Approaches is ominous. I'm trying hard to view this through a prism of rationalit­y and not let emotions get the best of me as is the case with many of the comments associated with the McAuliff and Stein story. We are all Americans regardless of party affiliatio­n. The folks on the Super Committee are trying, and they recognize the enormity of their charge.

It seems clear to me that we have a divided nation that has voted in a divided Congress as a reflection of the people, which in turn appointed a divided Super Committee. What should we expect the outcome to be? We have two different world views with little common ground. Intelligen­t Democrats (and there are many) cannot fathom how intelligen­t Republican­s (and there are many) think the way they do, and vice versa.

We are in the grip of what has been a Domestic Cold War (DCW) for a generation­, each side building up an ideological arsenal of weaponry. I am not sure if a solution will ever present itself, or even if a solution at this point is really up to us. We as a society are a natural system, and natural systems under the action of a building destabiliz­ing force will find a new equilibriu­m position, likely far from where the system started. It might be the fall of America and the rise of China. It might be a further reduction in the credit rating of the U.S. and a global depression­. But the DCW I fear will have consequenc­es ... for all of us.