The Superwoman's Survival Guide

All my life I have been throwing myself into dangerous and unpredictable situations, sometimes accidentally, sometimes for the thrill and sometimes for my job (being a stunt performer for some of Hollywood's top leading ladies can be quite challenging at times). From my trial and error, I have found that my successes were not usually defined by the equipment I had with me, but by my attitude in the moment. If I was positive, the world didn't seem such a bad place. If I was adaptable, then I could find a solution for the problem eventually. If I was prepared and had done some research, I was less likely to make bad decisions when choices came my way.

The Superwoman's Survival Guide was written from all I have learnt in my adventures about being able to be confident, capable, proactive and feminine all at the same time. I've touched the flames and been burnt so you don't have to.

Some of the over 100 helpful hints featured in the book include the following:

How to run in high heels: Late for the bus and in your favorite Jimmy Choos? If the ground is uneven and you have to make haste, run on your toes. If the ground is flatter and you have a little more time, place the heel down first just before the toe.

Stop Look and Listen: If something unexpected happens to you the best thing to do is STOP -- rather than head off in a panic. LOOK -- try to figure out exactly what it is that startled you. LISTEN -- is it going to happen again? This will give you time to analyze the whole situation before you put a plan into action and will prevent you from making the situation unnecessarily worse.

Works in all situations from the most extreme survival scenarios to a surprise work project sprung on you by your boss.

Stuck zipper?: Use lip balm or a bar of soap to lubricate the zipper for a smoother slide. If your office supplies are close at hand, rubbing the teeth of the zipper with a pencil will also help.

Your Personal Toolbox: When dealing with unexpected situations, look at what you do have rather than all the things you don't have. These can be skills, mental attitudes or things in your environment. Lamenting about the things you don't have doesn't get you closer to a solution, it just wastes time and energy.

From cinders girl to Cinderella: When hitting the office turns into hitting the town, no girl wants to look like she has just crawled out from behind her desk. Keep a small bag of supplies at work to spice up your office wear. A pair of killer heels can add sass to your suit, lose the jacket in favor of a brightly colored top and a fun belt can finish off the look. Add a flashy piece of jewelry, deepen your make-up tones and finally, add a brighter shade of lipstick and you are ready to meet your prince.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky. I love this quote. Basically it's telling you if you don't ever try something, you will definitely never succeed. Personally I would rather try and fail because then I know what not to do next time. I also know that by trying, chances are I might succeed and imagine that?!

Don't bother trying to rub sticks together to start a fire: It always looks easy on TV when people rub sticks together randomly and produce a flame. The reality is that it takes skill, knowledge and stamina. Your best bet to start a fire will be with trash you may find around you. Broken bottles can work as a magnifying glass, as can plastic water bottles filled with water. Just make sure that you begin the procedure way before the sun goes down to ensure you have warmth for the night.

"I can't" vs "I won't try": I can't fly by flapping my arms. I won't try Brussels Sprouts. Do you see the difference? Perhaps have a look at what you really mean next time you say "I can't" and see if what you are refusing to try is really possible. It can be incredibly freeing to try things that you never have tried before. Who knows? You may find your passion where you least expect it.

The Marilyn Monroe effect: On a windy day in the city make sure you hold your skirt down when you hit an intersection. The wind funnels through the tall buildings and when it gets to the intersections it creates swirling updrafts that may ruffle even the most tailored of skirts.

Good pain vs bad pain: Change can be painful. Many people stop when they begin to feel pain in their body while exercising but the pain of muscle ache is actually your body changing for the better. Next time you feel pain and think about stopping, check in and see if it is the muscle ache of working hard or a sharper tearing pain. If it is the ache of working hard, try to push on for just a little bit longer. You will be pleased with the results.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket: I always carry some extra cash on my person in a place other than my wallet. That way if my wallet or purse gets stolen, I still have money to make a call or catch a cab home. I also keep some spare cash in the glove box of my car just in case I forget my purse when I duck out for some milk or have to pay a valet. Just remember to replace it if you use it.