The Surprising Best Friendship Formed On 'The Parent Trap' Set

Nary a day goes by when Elaine Hendrix isn't approached on the street for her performance as Meredith Blake in the 1998 remake of the "The Parent Trap." And while the actress was once "very close" with the film's lead actress -- a then-unknown Lindsay Lohan -- there's an unexpected star from the film with whom Hendrix remains best friends today.

"Lisa Ann Walter, who played Chessy, is still one of my best girlfriends in the whole wide world," Hendrix revealed in a conversation with HuffPost Live on Wednesday. "So I got some great friendships out of that [film]."

For those struggling to remember, Chessy was the quirky babysitter of Hallie Parker, the laid-back twin who lived with her father, Nick Parker, in Napa.

Hendrix's friendship with Lohan was harder to maintain, the "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" actress recounted, as the two's schedules never overlapped once filming wrapped.

"Lindsay and I were very close and had a great time with each other, [but] our paths have just never crossed again," she explained. "That's one of the bittersweet things about working in the film industry: you become this really tight family and you love each other and you work and you're so close, and then you go apart and sometimes you stay in touch ... and sometimes you don't."

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