The Surprising Science Behind Why People Buy Into Stereotypes

Think all black people have rhythm? Think again.

Have you ever wondered if stereotypes -- from the most innocent to the most harmful -- are true?

The latest episode of  MTV News: Decoded, a web series that breaks down social and cultural issues, addresses just that. Host Franchesca Ramsey states that people buy into stereotypes because the brain is hardwired to make knee-jerk reactions based on appearance.

Ramsey explains that stereotypes can be positive or negative, i.e. all black people can dance and all white people can't. But there's never such thing as a good stereotype because -- no matter what -- they limit people with oversimplified generalizations.

"We should give people the chance to be themselves instead of unfairly labelling them," she says. 

While it's technically the brain's fault we rely on stereotypes, don't let your brain make you act like an idiot.

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