"The Tall Society" Unites Tall Women Around the World

Seriously speaking, being 5’4” has always seemed like a great height to be, until I came across the bold and beautiful ladies of “The Tall Society.” As I casually scrolled my LinkedIn feed, the name of one particular organization caught my attention. The Tall Society? I thought, What in the world do they do? Being the inquisitive being that I am, I clicked on their website...and the first thing I saw was their brand tag line “Where tall girls and women unite!”

Oh, my attention was won!

There really is a women’s movement aimed towards the empowerment of tall women. And as I’ve come to find out, this new movement of women, well, ‘Tall Sisters are setting up shop across the U.S and Canada, all in the name of creating a community of women with one thing in common, their height.

The Tall Society’s official press release states, “As the go-to platform for tall girls and women, TheTallSociety.com delivers fashion tips, discussions and access to topics of interest to the woman of stature, as well as opportunities to attend events to connect with your Tall Sisters™ in person, all while getting a daily dose of inspiration, empowerment and positivity.”

Their website is full of up close and personal stories and accounts of the every day life struggles and successes of tall girls everywhere. From “Being Tall is a Privilege,” to “A Tall Girl’s Guide to the Men’s Section”, the writers of each and every blog post bare it all.

Not only does the Tall Society sisters create a culture of acceptance and inspiration online, they have banded together to take their mission and movement to the streets with The Tall Sisters Brunches.

Founder Bree Wijnaar said, "The great thing about these events is that you see genuine friendships formed from the existence of one commonality, height. Our Tall Sisters™ understand one another before they meet, so there is already a substantial foundation for friendship, meaningful communication and fun present."

Take a peek at how it all goes down at The Tall Society’s brunch!

Bree and the Tall Sisters would love to meet you! Should you desire to find your place amongst your tall sisters, find out when they may be coming to a city near you.

Upcoming Tall Sister Brunch events, include:

For more information on how to get involved with TTS events as a sponsor or partner, contact: bree@thetallsociety.com.

Stay connected with TTS at @TheTallSociety on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

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