The Tao of Love, Sex and Anti-aging

The illusion is that love is "out there" and we have to do this to get that and play the game to "get it." But in reality there is no getting to be got.
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When we allow the uncertainties of life to create the illusion of low self worth it can carry over into all phases of life, including dating and intimate relationships.

Fear is the greatest killer of love. Acting out of fear makes us lose touch with our inner guidance and do crazy things that push people away. When we view it as "getting that person to love us," or "getting laid" we can get caught in a low energy attractor field because of the false belief that we are separate from Divine Love. The illusion is that love is "out there" and we have to do this to get that and play the game to "get it." But in reality there is no getting to be got.

What you get from "out there" can easily be lost or disappear at any time. What you fight to get you fight to keep. But who wants to live in a war zone?

When you align with Divine Love, there's no seeking and searching... it just comes. Of course, when it comes one must "show up" and be present for the relationship for it to grow. A great meditation for attracting the Divine Right partner is "I give thanks that I have drawn to me my God-Appointed Divine Right partner, and I ask that we easily recognize each other and make it so abundantly clear to both of us that there can be no mistaking it."

Those of us that meditate, practice martial arts, yoga, music or are involved in any highly creative endeavor, are channeling a higher energy. The effect of this is feeling alive at all times and constantly being in a state of sexual arousal. Once this state is attained, there is the opportunity to transmute it to even higher levels of creativity and joy. This energy heals ourselves and others.

If we choose to stay in this field of Divine Love (ignoring the appearance of things), what happens is the Divine Right solution naturally emerges. According to David R. Hawkins M.D., PhD.: "The problems are not handled at the level at which they seem to be occurring but on the next higher energy level. Higher energy means greater power." This way the "Divine Right Solution" emerges.

This highly creative energy gives one "charisma." That's why people love to be around stars, athletes, musical geniuses, writers or any creative being celebrating their aliveness. We are drawn to be around these people to soak up this magnetic energy, even take a bath in it. You've experienced certain actors in every single film in which they appear who you can't seem to take our eyes off of. What we are seeing is the God/ High Energy Field of infinite possibilities. We become inspired (in spirit) to tap into the unlimited reservoirs of creativity and allow our own unique special God-given talents to emerge at the highest level possible ... the sky is NOT the limit!

Being in this High Vibration is also the greatest anti-ager because the chi (see previous articles) is flowing freely, the body is in balance, there's a youthful spark in the eyes. If you look at people who are living their passion, they are not affected by age, they perform and are active in their beloved life right up until they leave the planet.

We can all see the huge change love brings when those around us meet their Divine Right Partner and are experiencing each others energy and celebrating this gift through deeply connected lovemaking. This healing power of love makes one younger in appearance, creativity radically increases; they glow, laugh easily, and are inspired to bring their best self forward. Anais Nin got it right when she wrote "Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent, protects you from age"

Disappointments in love should not close the heart and shut us down sexually or emotionally. The depression that results from shutting down completely can cause you to age prematurely, primarily revealed as tenseness in the face. The body becomes rigid. As always, these negative states should only be temporary messages to learn from. Keep fine tuning, feeling and picturing yourself in the type of relationship you want. Avoid thinking about what you don't want, we tend to attract what we think about the most.

Even if your partner is "acting out" and bouncing of the walls, you don't have to join them. You can observe this and say "isn't this interesting, something is coming up to be healed and transcended. I know the only thing that matters here is that the love is real; everything else is an illusion."

I find if we stay in this state of unconditional love and ask for the most high good for all involved and keep telling the truth, that person will begin to feel safe and most often will rise up and align with your vibration of Divine Love, or they will fade away (as they should if they can not hang with it!). And if they do fade away, don't be sad. That only speeds up the process of truth surfacing. It only means the Universe is clearing a space for an even better vibration match! Onward and upward!

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