The Tao of Love, Sex and Anti-Aging: Part 5

To learn from and expand our relationships, we can get immediate feedback from watching how our partner treats us. Is it from a space of fear and lacking, or from a place of love and peace?
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All relationships are a mirror to the relationship with yourself, which is the most important one. The way people interact with us is a reflection of what we believe about ourselves and what we think we are worthy of.

To learn from and expand our relationships, we can get immediate feedback from watching how our partner treats us. Is it from a space of fear and lacking, or from a place of love and peace?

Paying attention to how people interact with us is also a fascinating way to gauge our own alignment with our source (e.g., God, our Higher Power or Higher Self or any of the great avatars, such as Christ, Buddha, etc.).

When the feedback you receive does not feel good, there is an exciting opportunity for change, if we use the situation to get clear on what it is exactly that we want. It doesn't matter if it's to feel respected, valued, satisfied sexually, or to attract more money, beauty, creatively fulfilling work and good health. It's all manifesting from the same energy.

Being at our best and to being of service to others requires that we have the intention to be energetically balanced on all levels: rest, exercise, quiet time, work, play, love and financial wellness. With complete clarity, you must state to the universe what it is that you want. Then feel it and be it, even if there is not any evidence or the outside appearance of it yet. This will align you with unseen forces that will draw your good to you.

Let's say your partner comes home angry and you would like the highest outcome from the situation and for harmony to be reestablished quickly. What feels better: anger or peace? If you stay in a place of calm and balance, your partner will most likely shift. If he doesn't, you still have not allowed yourself to be uprooted by another.

The one who has the highest vibrational state of consciousness has the most power, but not to use as control, but rather to influence people, places and things in the most positive way. One aligned person has more power than one hundred disconnected people.

Speaking truth has tremendous power. Simply stating your truth from a place of clarity brings change, sometimes instantly. Be mindful to come from a loving, non-threatening place in which it can be heard. It does not matter how the other person reacts in that moment. All that is important is that you are staying calm, aligned and centered in truth.

We know we have reached a high vibrational state when we feel good and can sense a deep peace with all that is. Raising our consciousness provides many benefits, including helping us become capable of healing, have good intuition and perception, appear to look younger and more radiant and establish loving relationships -- all a result of our resonating closer to our ideal frequencies. We feel complete and healthy and are fulfilling our potential.

If you continually see your partner as loving and don't worry about what they are doing or not doing, they will start to match your energy, and the relationship will feel good. Because your partner has free choice, they may choose to stay in a place of resistance, and the relationship will naturally fade out -- as it should! That is the universe's way of making a space for an even better match for you. You only have happiness to gain. From right where you are now, the new you can attract the life you have always wanted.

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