'The Taste' Premieres January 22, Here's A First Look (VIDEO)

Imagine if you fused together "Top Chef" and "The Voice" and then brought on Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, chef Ludo Lefebvre and former "Top Chef" contestant Brian Malarkey as judges. What you might find is "The Taste," the new ABC reality cooking show premiering on January 22 at 8pm EST.

HuffPost Food has an exclusive preview of the new show. In the clip above, a contestant presents her scallop dish to the four judges. The judges decide whether or not they like the dish enough to want her on their respective teams. Both Malarkey and Lefebvre enjoy the scallops, so the contestant is forced to decide which team to join.

While we're without judgment of the show until the full episode airs, we can't help wondering if the big personalities of the judges will be enough to justify a new addition to an already-saturated subgenre of reality television. Will you be watching?