The TED Conference Announces TED Open TV Project

2010-05-05-ted_logo.gifSpeaking at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco yesterday afternoon, June Cohen, executive producer of TED Digital Media and co-producer of the conference, announced TED is partnering with a number of television stations around the world as part of their "philosophy of radical openness" to launch the TED Open TV Project.

Under the new pilot program, around 20 broadcast stations will feature commercial-free TED talks as part of their regular programming, opening up the gates to TED content for an entirely new audience.

"Since we first launched TEDTalks, our goal has been to distribute on all available video platforms; anywhere people watch video, we want them to watch TEDTalks. And the fact is, people everywhere still watch an awful lot of TV." ~ June Cohen

More details on the TED Blog.

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