The Fictional Telenovela Within 'Jane The Virgin' Is Now A Real Novella

#GoRo #RogelioMyBrogelio

"Jane the Virgin" fans rejoice, there's more Rogelio de la Vega to love! The team behind the hit CW television show has authorized a fan fiction-style serial to be written about his telenovela The Passions of Santos, and chapters have already been released.

Passions, which is basically a telenovela within a telenovela, is the over-the-top caricature of the genre and Rogelio, its bombastic leading man, often provides comedic relief for the never-ending drama of the main show.

The serial will focus on Santos, Rogelio's character on Passions, the beloved president of the fictional North Ecuadoras who wears a lavender military uniform and wrestles with wild cats.

It will be released chapter-by-chapter on the amateur writing platform Wattpad, channeling the spirit of Jane herself, in English and Spanish. 

Fans will finally get to find out how el presidente ended up on that boat with the leopard and how he and the beauty Blanca met. And at the end of the day, it's a lot more screen-time for everyone's favorite rediscovered father.

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