The Most Expensive U.S. Colleges: SEE The 10 Biggest Tuition Bills

This fall, as unemployment surged and the economy continued to hurt, students at both public and private colleges across the country saw a significant increase in the cost of their education. And tuition at the priciest schools in America is simply staggering. compiled a list of the 100 colleges with the highest price tags (hat tip to Consumerist). (Note: The ranking adds the advertised cost of tuition with room and board, and doesn't take into account how much the average student at each school actually pays after financial aid.) Sarah Lawrence College, a tiny liberal arts school, tops the list.

Here are the top ten:

1. Sarah Lawrence College -- $54,410
2. New York University -- $51,991
3. The George Washington University -- $51,730
4. Bates College -- $51,300
5. Skidmore College -- $51,196
6. Johns Hopkins University -- $51,190
7. Georgetown University -- $51,122
8. Connecticut College -- $51,115
9. Harvey Mudd College -- $51,037
10. Vassar College -- $50,875

To see the full list, go to CampusGrotto.

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