The Ten Most Powerful Financial Truths in the Universe

In preparation for a speech I am giving tomorrow night, I have identified the most powerful financial principles in the Universe:

1. Compound Interest
- identified by Einstein as "the most powerful force in the Universe." More so than nuclear fission, I guess. Understanding how compounding works is critical to both wealth generation, and avoiding debt.

2. The Difference Between Pre and Post-Tax Income - it is very hard to accumulate wealth by focusing on only pre-tax income.

3. Never Invest Unless You Understand How it Works - perhaps hindsight is 20-20 but no clear-headed analysis would ever had led to an investment with Bernie Madoff.

4. 62.8% of Financial Products Are Designed for the Seller, not the Buyer - of course the number is made up but too many financial products are designed by marketers. I submit as evidence the creative mortgage products that caused so much heartache in the last few years.

5. Always Add Value to YOU, INC. - there are no safe jobs anymore. Do everything you can do make yourself as valuable as possible.

6. It's 10 Times Easier to Spend Than Save, 20 Times Easier to Spend Than Earn - we are deluged with thousands of financial inducements every day - 99% of which are pushing purchases. It's no coincidence that credits cards are so small and thin - easy to whip out of your wallet.

7. What Goes Up Will Go Down - I submit the housing crisis into evidence.

8. Passive Income Is Freedom - the goal is to produce investments and assets that make you money when you are sleeping.

9. Entrepreneurism Is all-Powerful - spend some percentage of your time and capital seeking life-changing returns... risk has a tendency to bring focus.

10. Passion is Paramount -
no one ever got wealthy spending their days watching the clock. Find something you love doing and then do it with all your might. The wealth will follow.

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