The Terrifying Life For LGBT People in Uganda (VIDEO)

Imagine if day after day you had to live your life in fear, not knowing if you were going to be attacked, abused or killed. Sounds like a movie, right? Well, it's not. It's a life many LGBTI people have gone through.

In February 2014, Cleopatra Kambugu experienced this first hand, when the Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper published personal information about 200 LGBTI people in Uganda. Cleo was one of them, who had her picture and personal information printed on the front page.

I had been documenting her life since 2013, now it took a rapid turn in a new direction. She went underground, not leaving her home for a month and a half. Before the law was introduced, her life had under the circumstances been relatively safe. She didn't fear to go out, but the moment the paper hit the streets, her life changed dramatically.

Since December, I've shared her personal story in a six-part web series. It is a transgender love story that takes you inside of the Ugandan LGBTI community. Today I'm posting the last episode, but the story continues, as does Cleo's struggle to be accepted as a trans woman in Uganda. Watch the previous episodes here.