The Terror Attacks in Brussels Prove Again That All Lives Really Don't Matter

I was watching the ongoing coverage of the tragedy and horror of the Brussels terror attack and couldn't help but be reminded how wrong the "all lives matter" crowd is. Like everyone else, I am saddened and horrified by what happened in Belgium. But the constant coverage, the Twitter hashtags, the changed profile pics, the Belgian colors being used, all go to show how much we as a nation and world for that matter, only seem to care when Europeans die. I just wish our compassion wasn't so selective.

I doubt most people who are watching the coverage of the recent attacks even know much about other attacks on non-Europeans just days and weeks before what happened in Brussels. As of of this writing I read that 34 people have died in the terror attack in Brussels, with at least 230 more injured. That is scary and very sad.

How much do you know about the car bombings in Ankara, Turkey on March 13th where 37 people died and more than 100 were injured? Saturday a suicide bomber killed four more. ISIS claimed credit for that too. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up and killed 24 worshippers at a mosque in Nigeria on March 16. How much news coverage did you watch? How much did social media share tweets and pics? (In fact the Boko Haram which took responsibility for that attack has been responsible for about 20,000 deaths in Nigeria in the last six years with little outrage and sadness from America and the world.) Also on March 16 of this year, a bomb on a bus in Pakistan killed at least 15 and injured more than 30. The Taliban took responsibility. On March 13 at a resort in the Ivory Coast, gunmen opened fire and killed 16 people in a horrible attack on vacationers. Pakistan also saw another terror attack on March 7th when 10 people were killed and more than 30 injured by a suicide bomber, also with or in support of the Taliban.

Remember these are all March attacks that didn't come near the 24-7 coverage we get of Brussels. We could go on and on throughout the months and find many more examples of how deaths of Muslims and non-Europeans just don't get the sympathy that they do when they happen in Europe. A day before the horrible Paris attacks for example, which of course the world covered in great detail, 43 people died in a bombing in Beirut. Almost completely ignored by our mainstream media and no social media hashtags or profile pic changes.

This is why I also find it so ridiculous and hypocritical to read or hear of all the criticism directed at President Obama for daring to keep his schedule and attend a baseball game in Cuba in the immediate aftermath of the Brussels' horror. Or the outrage that he danced the Tango in Argentina while Europe and the world continued to recoil from the images and tragedy in Belgium.

I ask every one of those critics and readers to tell me what plans they changed when any of those other equally horrible non-European tragedies I just mentioned happened. I don't recall Congress making any changes. I don't recall any leaders doing anything differently. And I sure don't recall the Twitterverse coming together to express outrage, horror and sympathy. Give me a break. Obama did the right thing by continuing his plans. The world does go on and must go on. If we treated every terror attack equally, as we should, whether they happen in Europe, Africa, Asia or wherever and whether the victims be Muslim, Christian or whatever, then we really would have to stop everything to mourn. Because despite the uneven coverage, the terror happens way too often and we would never get anything done if we changed all our plans.

With that being said, I do believe we need to realize that despite our words to the contrary, we don't treat all lives the same. The proof is in our reaction to tragedy around the world. Some tragedies matter much more than others. This is unarguable. What happened in Belgium is awful. But it is no more or less awful than what happens to people that don't look or believe like the majority of Americans. If we are going to be outraged and horrified then let's not limit it to certain people. And if we choose to be selective in our concerns then don't give me the "all lives matter" platitude or act surprised when certain parts of the world call us hypocrites and don't trust our speeches and pontificating about how much we care about the world when what we really care about is what part of the world.