The Terrorists are Coming, Warns Missile Defense Lover Cheney

When Dick Cheney bellows about terrorist attacks in the US, it can only mean one thing: his beloved missile defense is under the gun.

With the din of the crashing economy, the bellowing of banking execs over frozen wages, and the thud of falling appointees, only one word rises above all the racket: terrorists. Specifically, terrorists attacking in the U.S.

Dick Cheney shouted out those words, yet again, in an interview with Politico, in which he predicts terrorist attacks of all sorts, soon, very soon, if Obama strays from the policies put into motion by Cheney and Bush. Much of the interview concerns Guantanamo and Cheney's legitimate concerns about what to do with those remaining in America's Cuban-based torture/er, aggressive interrogation, camp. But by pushing that "terrorists are coming" button is his interview, Cheney is doing far more than trying to save his reputation re Guantanamo and attempting to escape prosecution for torture.

His "prediction" is really about arms. Early word says Obama will slash the arms budget by 10 percent -- and Cheney's beloved missile defense program (the number 1 budget priority in the defense budget) is under the guillotine. Robert Kagan is already fretting about arms cuts and Cheney, without even naming missile defense, is once again laying on the terror button that allowed missile defense funding in 2001 -- funding that looked to be hacked as of September 8, 2001 -- but conveniently found full $8.3 billion funding just days later -- after the 9/11 attacks. The irony of course is that the money-sucking missile defense (it's eaten up hundreds of billions already) -- a system to shoot down incoming missiles -- rarely works (even in tests with decoys) -- and doesn't much help in battling terrorists, since they typically aren't lobbing over intercontinental nukes. But passed it was, in a post-9/11 display of invincibility towards terrorists the world over.

It's not the first time an enemy has appeared when missile defense was threatened: On August 1, 1990, Cheney -- then Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush -- was looking at getting his war budget whacked, including missile defense (his baby then too). Conveniently, the next day Saddam rolled in Kuwait -- and guess what, Cheney's budget for his new high-tech babies including his adored missile defense was fully funded, plus some.

I get into it at length (with more links) in today's previous blog.