The Thing Women Do Before First Dates That Men Rarely Think About

Hint: It has ​nothing​ to do with picking a cute outfit.

For women, blind dates can be stressful -- and not because we don't know what to wear. 

A new video from YouTube comedy channel Unsolicited Project called "How Women Get Ready for First Dates" captures a crucial difference between women's and men's date-prep routines. (And no, it doesn't involve how long it takes women to pick out an outfit or get all dolled up.)

The video features a woman talking to her roommate before she goes to meet a guy she met on Tinder. Instead of asking how her makeup looks or whether her roommate likes her outfit, the woman focuses on her safety. 

“Just remember exactly what I’m wearing right now just in case I go missing," the woman tells her roommate. She looks through her purse and lists all her essential items: Rape whistle, switch blade and, of course, pepper spray. 

The dude, on the other hand, throws on his jacket, says bye to his roommate and heads out the door to meet his blind date. 

The video is a spot-on commentary on the different approaches men and women take when it comes to safety. What should sound excessive, is sadly pretty typical when it comes to women's preparations for blind dates. 

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