The Thought Of Obama Leaving Is Too Much For This 6-Year-Old

According to her mom, "just speaking of him makes her eyes water up.”

This 6-year-old would probably do anything to keep President Barack Obama in the White House.

Linzy Ramos submitted a video to EllenTube and Newsflare of her 6-year-old daughter crying while watching Obama’s farewell speech. When Ramos asked her daughter why she was so sad, the little Obama fan said she was crying “because he’s never gonna be the president no more.”

Ramos’ daughter joins the company of two other heartbroken Obama supporters. In August 2016, a then 4-year-old told her mom she wanted to watch a movie and cuddle when she heard the news Obama had to leave the White House. Before that, a grandmother had to comfort her granddaughter who was “not ready” for a new president.

In her caption on EllenTube, Ramos wrote that she has taught her daughter that they are “watching history” with Obama’s presidency. On Newsflare, she wrote that her daughter “loves” him.

“Just speaking of him makes her eyes water up,” she wrote.

Hang in there, little one!

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