The Thread Of Life: Soul

It is a very hard subject to touch and some people they never dare it in their life. Although, it is us, about us, about what we are, why we are here and what connects our physical body to the soul.

Since I was a little girl, I tried to understand the unconceivable point of life, to analyze myself, my substance and composition. It was clear at that age my question could not meet any good answer or any answer at all. I was only running to the terrace of our house to contemplate at the starry sky and think of the beyond and about humans. I could only imagine an endless thread that departed from us till the unfinishable Heaven: Our thread of life

What are we made of and why? When I grew up my major question remained to understand what a soul is, why it is the spiritual part of this body which is the only one that stays here on earth and is decomposed when the soul separates the body.

The soul, this immaterial part of us, our energy of being, our locomotive way in life which is the most mysterious issue to think about all the time. There are verses in the Holy books referring to our soul salvation. I am trying to figure out how much important is for us this issue. I understand... We are experiencing our existences on earth before we leave for other fields or stay on the same or subgrade to a lower level. All what matters is how we behave during our life and makes us inwards to feel good, as the body is the temple of the soul and we need to take care of it.

Recently, the thought of the soul has been installed permanently on my mind as I lost one of my very beloved persons. His end was abrupt and tragic due to his decision to put an end into his life. Then the question came back again on my mind I felt sad, angry and desperate, though, after all my human reactions I tried to understand one thing: “I need to help his soul to find his peace.” This ‘’life’’ or spiritual energy that inhabits our body had been cut abruptly. He cut his umbilical cord that connected him to our God, the One who masters the Universe and no one has the right to do it. The gift granted to us from Above had been returned in an unthankful way. As I am not a nihilist for those who believe that after death is nothing, then my answer is that there would be no reason for us to be here as for everything there is a strong reason to exist, the cause and effect relationship.

The idea of soul and what happens afterward has been described by many theorists and philosophers as Aristotle and Plato who developed their theories. There would be no reason for me not to believe in the soul existence when often our beloved persons who passed away appear as energies in our dreams to point that they live. Our invisible energy exists perpetually, it climbs up scales with the goal to reach always a better level above. The Creation does not stop and nothing is lost in it. We are here to assist in a purpose and being here as humans, we need to feed our souls by taking care of this body that protects our way and meaning to be. Any other way attempting to disrupt life by the separation of the soul is disrupting, violating and disrespecting to the Universe, to the Creator Who so gratefully cedes us a small spot of happiness here on this part of the Cosmos. Our animating part of us needs to be looked after with love and care as a mother does to her child.

Alexandra Symeonidou

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