The Three Myths of Purpose

What's your purpose? HUGE question, right?

It's so big that many people get overwhelmed by the very thought, so they just stop thinking about it or say things like, "I don't know if I have one."

With increasing attention to self-help and self-awareness, it's inevitable that you'll be asked the question somewhere along the line. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals don't have an answer and it can lead to an uncomfortable exchange.

We search books. We do workshops. We find communities or coaches to help us uncover our purposes. However, it may be a matter of what you must unlearn as opposed to what you think you need to learn.

Here are three pervasive myths that keep many of us baffled. Let's dispel them instantly.

Myth #1. Purpose must be "passionate."

Passion is usually thought of as all consuming. It rules your existence. It's bold and obvious. And if you aren't bold and obvious about it, well, then you must not be passionate.

Complete crap.

Mother Teresa was hardly a maniac acting out her mission. Her work spoke for itself -- whispered with impact. Point being, passion doesn't have to be loud. It just has to be pure. You don't have to be conspicuous to be passionate. Its intensity is defined by its depth, not its visibility.

Myth #2. Purpose must be grand.

Speaking of Mother Teresa... some of us will leave a global impression. Most of us will leave our imprints within our circles. On a spiritual level, one is not more important than the other. If what you do leads to connectedness, it's ALL equally grand. It's about the type of contribution, not the size of it.

Myth #3. Purpose is singular.

People are hesitant to make a wrong choice -- "I don't know if that's my purpose." Here's the thing. You can change at any given time.

Following your spirit is never wrong. And the more in tune you become, you may feel the need to express it differently. You may be multi-purposed and it's perfectly ok to feel your way through things and modify as necessary.

Purpose is individually defined. It's what moves you and that's all it has to be. It is your unique expression of your divine gift. It's how you color the world as you move through it. It's your soulprint.

Ignore these three presumptions, and you will be well on your way to finding your purpose or strengthening what you already know it to be.

The world needs you. Get going!