The Tools I Use To Be The Best Mom My Kids Deserve

Motherhood is the most amazing part of my life and it can be yours as well if you embrace it with a great attitude and different perspective. My children are the greatest blessing I have and ever will receive.
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Mother preparing daughters for school at front door
Mother preparing daughters for school at front door

Motherhood is the most amazing part of my life and it can be yours as well if you embrace it with a great attitude and different perspective. My children are the greatest blessing I have and ever will receive. I cherish every waking moment I am with them and have learned to live in the moment and remain grateful.

For some, being a mom isn't so easy, and I can totally relate as I am a single mom (but parenting was worse when I was married). However, what I do know is my life as a parent is much easier single than when I was married to someone that shared no similar parenting styles and we never see or saw eye to eye on topics pertaining to my children. Butting heads and having to fight battles every day in regards to parenting is worse when you are together than being single and parenting how you know is best for your children.

I have found some powerful tools that make me the most successful and best mom my kids need and deserve -- they are that I allow my kids to be kids, I teach them about life, I love them unconditionally, I am their friend and keep life as simplified as possible. You will forever be a winner in their eyes if you follow these effective parenting tips!

Our life is not perfect and my kids are not afraid of messing stuff up in our home or car. My kids don't worry about getting dirty or wearing the wrong clothing items (they don't ask me if they can jump in a puddle because they already know the answer is yes). I make my kids feel comfortable in their own skin and allow them to be independent and make their own mistakes. I encourage my kids to be creative and be who they want to be and whom God has called them to be, not what I want them to be (because honestly I want them to be who lights them up and nothing else). My kids can eat where they want to and I allow them to purchase the foods they like (and pay with my debit card) and sing songs loudly and dance. I don't rush my children and they speak their minds and call their dad when they want to (day or night, without restriction). What they love is what I encourage and what they don't I still encourage in case they ever change their mind but I don't force any hobby or food items or anything if they truly don't want it or don't desire them and this has made all the difference in the world in our relationship.

I make the time to teach my children all about life and how to build character development and give back to their community and remain grateful. I encourage them to build a relationship with Christ and share God's word with others. I read to my children to enhance vocabulary, grammatical and reading comprehension and the love of reading. We discuss history and all the important people who created it. We spend time with animals and loving them and learning from our mistakes. We take our time most days. We don't worry about much and we keep our life very simplified because the easier the happier people are in general. When life is complicated then many complications arise. When you keep life easy and manage your time well everyone is happy. Happy kids equal a happy life and that is what we are together.

I am my kid's friend and I have chosen this because I cannot imagine waiting until they are 18 or 21 to be their friend. I make it appoint to be their parent first and their friend second so they will never be ambivalent to discuss hard topics with me and ones that matter most like sex, drugs, addictions, drinking, bullying, etc. When you make a conscious effort to really spend time with your kids and watch videos together and learn together and talk about old times, your childhood and reminisce then you create a lasting bond that is meaningful and full of trust. Your kids will open up to you more than anyone else and come to you first with important issues that need discussing and a solution.

Last and most importantly, I love my kids unconditionally. Love is not conditional - saying if or when you do this then I will love you - no, never, not a chance. You should love your children no matter what and with all of your heart and soul. I have never in my life loved anyone the way I do my children. I put my kids first and they know this as I make an appoint to let them know just how important they are to me and Jesus. I encourage you to do the same and watch your relationship blossom beyond your cognitive capability.

The combination of these simple yet powerful tips has allowed me to be the best Mother alive and a proud one as well. I hope these few words of encouragement will also impact your decision - making and alter how you perceive motherhood and shift something in your mind to make necessary changes for long lasting positive results. Let's do this together, one small step at a time. Join my page on Facebook - Moms and Dads Really Matter to be motivated to build a solid foundation with your kids and work together as a team for a successful future.