10 Companies With The Best Customer Experience

Some companies are just better at making sure customers feel good.

And there is a whole industry based around maximizing customer experience at "all points of contact" with a company, according to customer experience consulting company Beyond Philosophy. Interestingly, after the company interviewed 53 customer experience executives as part of its 2011 Global Customer Experience Management Survey it found that investing more resources in a better customer experience doesn't necessarily result in happier customers.

Even though they are among the companies spending the most on customer experience, for example, companies like Hewlitt-Packard and HSBC performed among the worst of all surveyed companies. Instead, people's feelings about a company often depend on the company's ability to gauge customer emotions, which "account for more than half the typical customer experience," according to the survey.

Tech companies, including Apple, are especially good at understanding customer emotions, according to the survey. The iPhone maker recently came out on top in the American Customer Satisfaction Index and JD Power's smartphone customer satisfaction survey.

Of course, there are some companies bucking the trends. The survey cited American Express, a company that successfully spends big to improve customer experience. Netflix, on the other hand, has recently come under fire, as some allege the company is emphasizing profits instead of customer experience following the announcement of its new DVD service, Qwikster.

10. First Direct

The Top 10 Companies With The Most Admired Customer Experience: Beyond Philosophy

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