The Top 100 Cloud Computing Experts On Twitter

The Top 100 Cloud Computing Experts On Twitter
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"Is SaaS killing traditional IT departments?" was a recent title of a wired blog, noting that more companies are turning to software-as-a-service (SaaS) for their business needs. Gartner is projecting that the enterprise app economy will generate $40 billion in sales for developers by 2016. The explosive growth of mobile, social and cloud applications in the enterprise is fragmenting the adoption of disparate technologies across the lines of business. The post noted: "Forrester research predicts the IT department could disappear as soon as 2020," a theory that is largely based on adoption of consumerization of IT and cloud computing in the enterprise. Massive adoption of cloud computing in small and medium size businesses is now a competitive advantage for winning. Here are a few cloud computing market statistics worth noting:

  1. Worldwide public cloud service market to total $131 billion in 2013 - Gartner
  2. By 2015, worldwide public cloud market to reach $180 billion - InformationWeek
  3. 60% of respondents from North America plan on increasing their budget in SaaS and public cloud within the next two years. - Gartner
  4. 60% of server workloads will be virtualized in 2013 - Cloud Hypermarket
  5. IDC - One of every seven dollars spent on packaged software, server, and storage offerings will be through the public cloud model, growing five times faster than the total IT industry, by 2015.
  6. 84% of CIOs cut application costs by moving to the cloud - Business Insider
  7. 77% of enterprises are in the initial stages of cloud adoption: standardization, consolidation, and virtualization - CIO Insight
  8. 88% of health care organizations have reduced their cost of software applications by moving them to cloud - Information Management
  9. SMB spending on cloud solutions will grow by almost 20% over the next five years, with 3 in 10 midsize firms adopting public cloud solutions.
  10. Forrester - channel partners will increase their reliance on cloud software and services from 22% to 27% from 2013 to 2014.
  11. The latest research note from Bain & Company predicts revenue growth for SaaS companies will triple between 2011 and 2014

A true understanding of cloud computing's business impact is critically important for the c-suite - CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and CMOs. Today, some of the leading cloud advocates and experts are actively sharing their views on social networks, especially Twitter. I have compiled the list of the top 100 cloud computing pioneers and advocates on Twitter. The list consists of industry analysts, chief executives - including CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs, journalist, authors and keynote speakers. It is important to note that active participation on Twitter is a significant part of the selection criteria.

The Top 100 Cloud Computing Experts on Twitter:

  1. Werner Vogels, @Werner
  2. Krishnan Subramanian, @krishnan
  3. Marc Benioff, @benioff
  4. Ray Wang, @rwang0
  5. James Staten, @Staten7
  6. Randy Bias, @randybias
  7. David Linthicum, @DavidLinthicum
  8. James Governer, @monkchips
  9. James Urquhart, @jamesurquhart
  10. George Reese, @georgereese
  11. Louis Columbus, @LouisColumbus
  12. Peter Coffee, @petercoffee
  13. Aaron Levie, @levie
  14. Stephen Foskett, @SFoskett
  15. Reuven Cohen, @rUv
  16. Narinder Singh, @singhns
  17. Zoli Erdos, @zolierdos
  18. Jeff Barr, @jeffbarr
  19. Alex Williams, @alexwilliams
  20. Jeff Kaplan, @thinkstrategies
  21. Joe Weinman, @joeweinman
  22. Hoff, @beaker
  23. Ben Kepes, @benkepes
  24. George V Hulme, @georgevhulme
  25. Simon Wardley, @swardley
  26. Alessandro Perilli, @a_perilli
  27. Duncan Epping, @DuncanYB
  28. Sam Johnston, @samj
  29. James Watters, @wattersjames
  30. Steve O' Grady, @sogrady
  31. Jeff Sussna, @jeffsussna
  32. Eran Kampf, @ekampf
  33. Dave McCrory, @mccrory
  34. David Mortman, @mortman
  35. Michael Ducy, @mfdii
  36. Mark Collier,@sparkycollier
  37. Adam Seligman, @adamse
  38. Lauren Cooney, @lcooney
  39. Jared Wray, @jaredwray
  40. Joe McKendrick,@joemckendrick
  41. Botchagalupe, @botchagalupe
  42. Sinclair Schuller, @sschuller
  43. Diane Muller, @pythondj
  44. Geoff Arnold, @geoffarnold
  45. Jonathan Murray, @adamalthus
  46. Richard Seroter, @rseroter
  47. Mark Theile, @mthiele10
  48. Rodney Rogers, @rjrogers87
  49. Christian Riley, @reillyusa
  50. John Cowan, @cownet
  51. Stuart Miniman, @stu
  52. John Rymer, @johnrrymer
  53. John Mark Troyer, @jtroyer
  54. Buck Woody, @buckwoody
  55. Andi Mann, @AndiMann
  56. Phil Komarny, @philkomarny
  57. Brian Gracely, @bgracely
  58. Derrick Harris, @derrickharris
  59. Michael Sheehan, @HighTechDad
  60. Sramana Mitra, @sramana
  61. Lori MacVittie, @lmacvittie
  62. Marten Mickos, @martenmickos
  63. Dana Gardner, @Dana_Gardner
  64. Laurie McCabe, @lauriemccabe
  65. David Terrar, @dt
  66. Ed Saipetch, @edsai
  67. Larry Carvalho, @robustcloud
  68. Chris Yeh, @chrisyeh
  69. Vanessa Alvarez, @vanessaAlvarez1
  70. Defrag/Gloe, @defrag
  71. Tim Crawford, @tcrawford
  72. Cody Bunch, @cody_bunch
  73. Paul Miller, @paulmiller
  74. Willian Vambenepe, @vambenepe
  75. Rich Miller,@rhm2k
  76. Chris Wolf, @cswolf
  77. Hutch Carpenter, @bhc3
  78. Bernard Golden, @bernardgolden
  79. Vaughn Stewart, @vStewed
  80. George Watt, @GeorgeDWatt
  81. Rene Buest, @ReneBuest
  82. Maish Saidel-Keesing, @maishsk
  83. Frank Gens, @fgens
  84. Dave Asprey, @daveasprey
  85. Scott C. Sanchez, @scottsanchez
  86. Chris M Evans, @chrismevans
  87. Fuat Kircaali, @FuatKircaali
  88. Tim Freeman, @peakscale
  89. Kevin L. Jackson, @Kevin_Jackson
  90. Lydia Leong, @cloudpundit
  91. Don Jennings, @djenningspr
  92. Aaron Delp, @aarondelp
  93. Chirag Mehta, @chirag_mehta
  94. Paul Calento, @pcalento
  95. Kent Langley, @KentLangley
  96. Stefan Ried, @StefanRied
  97. Gregor Petri, @GregorPetri
  98. Robert Mahowald, @SaaSpro
  99. Ofir Nachmani, @IAmOnDemand
  100. Sam Charrington, @samcharrington

There are many more cloud computing experts that we could include - I will add another 100 names in the comments section of this post. Please let us know who else should be on our list?

I would like to thank Rich Casselberry, Director of IT Operations - Enterasys, for assisting me with research and development of this list.

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