The Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts On Twitter

The Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts On Twitter
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In 2012, 70% of the American working population is either actively disengaged or not engaged - per Gallup's most recent report. Active disengagement is costing U.S. companies an estimated $450 to $550 billion annually. Today, business leaders must collaborate with their Human Resource (HR) partners to address these stunning and frankly company crippling employee engagement trends. To effectively engage all stakehoulders, employee collaboration and social business transformation must be ingrained, and championed, throughout the organizational fabric.

I believe that Human Resources is one of the most important functions in business, poised to lead social business transformation and true, lasting and meaningful employee engagement initiatives. In a knowledge sharing and hyper connected economy, finding, engaging, and keeping talent is the only way companies can compete and win. In my book "The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence" I credited our company's success and growth to our ability to cultivate a culture of gratitude and accountability. We accomplished business growth because our company leaders were able to partner with a strong, customer focused, HR organization.

Social media has forever changed the way we work. I also believe that social media has forever changed talent acquisition and traditional human resource processes. If employers are not social, they are becoming more irrelevant. I have written about the death of the traditional resume and traditional talent acquisition processes. In fact, I hired a six-figure salaried director of marketing without accepting resumes, recruiting strictly via Twitter. I also recently publicly announced that I will no longer hire employees into our marketing and services organization using resumes, recruiting talent exclusively via social networks. I believe the web is your resume and social networks are mass references. The very best talent is not likely to be actively looking for new opportunities, but they're social. For this reason, I firmly believe that the strongest HR organizations are hunting for talent, proactively using social networks to establish connections and ultimately recruit the very best talent. So in order to celebrate the notion of social human resources, I thought it was time for me to research and identify the most social HR experts on Twitter.

Let me start by a friendly disclaimer regarding the list below. In the past, I have researched and identified the most social CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, leadership and business social leaders in my previous posts. All of my lists have been both celebrated and scrutinized. In every instance, shortly after publishing my lists, I find individuals that deservedly belong on the list, but were omitted, based on my research capabilities. In case you are wondering about my selection criterion, here it is: I look for experts that have demonstrated solid domain expertise and are actively engaged via social media. For me, being social is very important, because I want to recommend professionals who are willing and actively working hard to share their knowledge. This particular group of HR social experts are a mix of organizational development, HR technologies, compensation and benefits, strategic talent development, recruiting, and future of work domain experts.

Here are the top 100 most social HR experts on Twitter:

  1. Meghan M. Biro - @MeghanMBiro
  2. Naomi Bloom - @InFullBloomUS
  3. Laurie Ruettimann - @lruettimann
  4. Jessica Merrell - @blogging4jobs
  5. William Tincup - @williamtincup
  6. Stacy Donovan Zapar - @StacyZapar
  7. Gautam Ghosh - @GautamGhosh
  8. Jason Averbook - @jasonaverbook
  9. Morgan Missen - @mm
  10. Steve Browne - @sbrownehr
  11. Steve Boese - @SteveBoese
  12. Trish McFarlane - @TrishMcFarlane
  13. Susan Avello - @susanavello
  14. Bill Kutik - @billkutik
  15. Kevin W. Grossman - @KevinWGrossman
  16. Lance Haun - @thelance
  17. John Sumser- @JohnSumser
  18. Jay Kuhns - @jrkuhns
  19. Steven Rothberg - @StevenRothberg
  20. Sharlyn Lauby - @sharlyn_lauby
  21. Suzanne Lucas - @RealEvilHRLady
  22. Craig Fisher - @Fishdogs
  23. Crystal Miller - @TheOneCrystal
  24. Dwane Lay - @DwaneLay
  25. Jenny DeVaughn - @JennyDeVaughn
  26. Bob Warren - @BobWarren
  27. Matt Charney - @mattcharney
  28. Rayanne Thorn - @Ray_anne
  29. Lars Schmidt - @ThisIsLars
  30. Jeff Waldman - @JeffWaldmanHR
  31. Susan LaMotte - @SusanLaMotte
  32. Greg Savage - @greg_savage
  33. Susan P. Joyce - @JobHuntOrg
  34. Will Staney - @willstaney
  35. Tim Sackett - @TimSackett
  36. Maren Hogan - @marenhogan
  37. Jeremy Roberts - @imJeremyR
  38. Jim Stroud - @jimstroud
  39. Doug Shaw - @dougshaw1
  40. Daniel Crosby - @incblot
  41. Shawn Murphy - @shawmu
  42. Victorio Milian - @Victorio_M
  43. Bryan Chaney - @bryanchaney
  44. Tom Bolt- @TomBolt
  45. Mervyn Dinnen - @MervynDinnen
  46. Jennifer McClure - @JenniferMcClure
  47. Shally Steckerl - @shally
  48. Glen Cathey - @GlenCathey
  49. Steve Levy - @levyrecruits
  50. Paul Hebert - @IncentIntel
  51. Paul DeBettignies - @MNHeadhunter
  52. Stacy Williamson - @RecruiterStacy
  53. Alli Polin - @AlliPolin
  54. Mark Stelzner - @stelzner
  55. Michael VanDervort - @MikeVanDervort
  56. Nisha Raghavan - @TheHrbuddy
  57. Andy Headworth - @andyheadworth
  58. Sabrina Baker - @SabrinaLBaker
  59. Jarret Pazahanick- @SAP_Jarret
  60. Carrie Corbin- @thealphafemme
  61. Kirk Baumann - @kbaumann
  62. Salima Nathoo - @SocialSalima
  63. Robin Schooling - @RobinSchooling
  64. Jason Buss - @jjbuss
  65. Karla Porter - @karla_porter
  66. Chris Havrilla - @havrilla
  67. Dave Ryan - @DaveTheHRCzar
  68. Emilie Mecklenborg - @EmilieMeck
  69. Sarah White - @ImSoSarah
  70. Joe Gerstandt- @joegerstandt
  71. Donna Svei - @AvidCareerist
  72. Joann Corley - @joanncorley
  73. Kris Dunn - @kris_dunn
  74. Jason Lauritsen - @JasonLauritsen
  75. Josh Rock - @JRock96
  76. Donna Rogers - @DonnaRogersHR
  77. Melissa Fairman - @HrRemix
  78. Irina Shamaeva - @braingain
  79. Janine Truitt - @CzarinaofHR
  80. Dawn Rasmussen - @DawnRasmussen
  81. Bill Boorman - @billboorman
  82. Geoff Webb - @SocialHRGuy
  83. Rich DeMatteo - @CornOnTheJob
  84. Kevin Wheeler - @kwheeler
  85. Tiffany Kuehl- @TiffanyKuehl
  86. Jessica Lee - @jessica_lee
  87. Cyndy Trivella - @CyndyTrivella
  88. Margo Rose - @HRMargo
  89. Dorothy Dalton - @DorothyDalton
  90. Bill Vick - @BillVick
  91. China Gorman - @ChinaGorman
  92. Neil Morrison- @neilmorrison
  93. Darryl Dioso - @DarrylRMSG
  94. John Jorgensen - @jkjhr
  95. Josh Bersin - @Josh_Bersin
  96. Harry Urschel - @eExecutives
  97. Chris Fields - @new_resource
  98. Mike Haberman - @MikeHaberman
  99. Amybeth Hale - @researchgoddess
  100. Yvette Cameron - @YvetteCameron

I sincerely hope that you connect with this amazing group of social HR experts and I look forward any recommended experts that should be on this list.

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