The Top 20 Inspirational Celebrity Quotes About Life

Sure, you may not love Justin Bieber. But you have to admit, the guy has already had massive success and he's only 22 years old!

What can you learn from the success of others?

By modelling your own beliefs and attitudes on other successful people, you can find ways to create your own success. Maybe if you start dancing with Beyonce's confidence, or speaking with George Clooney's charm, people will find you more attractive and likable.

Fortunately, Life Coach Spotter has already researched The Top 20 Short Inspirational Quotes About Life from celebrities you know and love. And the good news is, these celebrities who you're already very familiar with, are insanely inspiring!

Take a look at what George Clooney said:

"Failures are infinitely more instructive than successes."

Not only powerful, but also true! When you fail you are forced to learn, but when you succeed, you don't get much feedback other than what you're doing is already working. You probably would rather not fail, but Clooney reminds us that failure is one of our greatest teachers in life.

How about one from Rihanna? She says:

"Nothing in life comes easily. Everything comes with sacrifice."

Considering the massive success that Rihanna has had in her career, one can only imagine the types of sacrifices that Rihanna has made in her life.

Take a look at the inspiring quotes below and enjoy them. Use them to kickstart your own career success and get motivated from your heroes!