The Top 4 Jewelry Companies That Give Back

Brand awareness has become an increasing trend among the new generation of millennials. As opposed to previous generations, this generation has learned to utilize a new tool called the internet. Social media has created a new channel for sharing content to millions across the world. This marketing channel has allowed companies like the Shake Weight, Rebecca Black, and the Snuggie to take off. And it also has led to more and more companies in different industries to utilize this channel to build their brand and make change through their products. One of the newest markets we've seen this in is jewelry.

The jewelry industry is often associated with luxurious items at incredibly high price tags. What if these companies could offer the same luxury but with a philanthropic mission? There are thousands of jewelry companies around the world putting emphasis on profit, but recently there has been a proliferation of mainstream jewelry brands changing industry by putting emphasis on social causes.

With social causes ranging from gun violence to better health care for all, here are the top 4 jewelry companies that give back:

1. Linhardt Design
Founded: 2008
About: "Linhardt is a New York-based fine and fashion jewelry house founded in 2008 that is revolutionizing the industry by marrying innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship with the highest level of socially and environmentally responsible practices."
Supported Organizations/Causes: Kenya Education Fund (KEF), 3 Mariposas Montessori (3MM)

Review: Linhardt Design is the perfect combination between the quintessential New-York fashion jewelry and a cause that resonates with everyone: education. Linhardt donates a portion of its proceeds to the Kenya Education Fund and 3 Mariposas Montessori as part of their mission to make education opportunities available to everyone globally.

2. Caliber Collection (Formerly: Jewelry for a Cause)
Founded: 2008
About: "The Caliber Foundation offers support to victims, families and communities that have been devastated by illegal gun violence."
Supported Organizations/Causes: Gun violence prevention

Review: On first glance, the "Caliber Collection" website looks like the typically concoction of beautifully designed jewelry pieces: cuff links, bracelets, and even abstract structures. The beauty in Caliber Collection is how they make their products: every item is made with the serial numbers from illegally purchased guns and the actual metal from fired bullet casings. Naturally the cause makes sense: funding to prevent gun violence in America.

According for the, there were a total of 8,239 gun-related deaths and 16,756 gun-related injuries in America (2015).

3. River Song Jewelry
Founded: 2008
About: "Began in 2004 as a winter reprieve from organic farming, River Song draws inspiration from the natural world. Our jewelry evokes the essence of the earth. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, preserving its authentic nature."

Supported Organizations/Causes: Small Artist Support and Fair-Trade Businesses

Review: River Song Jewelry's collection consists of handcrafted jewelry pieces and textiles. Inspired by elements common in nature - River Song Jewelry crafts beautiful bracelets and necklaces that are reminiscent of take a walk in the forest or hiking a mountain. Their textile products are consistent with the theme and are available in a variety of colours. River Song's philanthropic mission is dual focused: to support small artists and local fair-trade businesses.

4. N-Style ID
Founded: 2008
About: "N-Style ID offers quality medical ID bracelets and medical ID alert jewelry that is stylish, contemporary, and potentially life-saving. If you or someone you care about live with a serious medical condition, life-threatening allergy, or other major health concern that would require special attention in an emergency, N-Style medical alert bracelets and jewelry provide the perfect accessory for every occasion. "
Supported Organizations/Causes: Medicine and Health Care

Review: N-Style ID is perhaps the most innovative company on this list. The reason is that their mission to provide quality medicine and health is solved directly for their jewelry. "Medical IDs" are designed into the jewelry to ensure good health and to provide instant care when medical emergencies occur. Organizations that advocate the usage of Medical ID products like N-Style ID include: the American Heart Association, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and the Epilepsy Foundation.