The Top 5 Cities In America For An Active Retirement

If you've got a competitive edge and a passion for fitness, these are the places for you.

Not everyone’s idea of a dream retirement involves relaxing by the beach with a fruity drink and a good book. For those with a passion for staying active, there’s more to consider in choosing a retirement locale than just affordability and temperature. 

A survey by Active Network, which tracks enrollment in athletic camps and other events, looked at the cities in which people over 55 are most active. They gathered data on local races and competitions, by age and gender. The top cities included in the ranking had among the highest percentages of enrollment among people 55 and over. Both warm and colder cities were popular, with the top activities being running, cycling and walking. Here are the top five cities for very active seniors.

1. San Diego, California

This sunny west coast city took the top spot with 17 percent participation in sports activities by seniors. 


2. Cleveland, Ohio

This midwestern city comes in a close second with 14 percent participation.


3. New York, New York

The New York City Marathon is easily one of the world’s best-known sporting competitions, including over 50,000 runners many years. This year’s marathon is coming up this Sunday. The Big Apple boasts 12 percent registration in sports events by seniors.

4. Denver, Colorado

It’s no surprise this scenic city has 11 percent participation in sports by people over 55. Just look at the view.

5. Austin, Texas

This southern Texas city has hot summers and mild winters, so it’s no surprise people are eager to get out and stay active here. Austin came in in the fifth spot with 9 percent participation. 



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