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The Top 5 Reasons to Use Apps at Festivals

While our parents never needed an iPhone at Woodstock, we live in a different world.
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You can smell it. Music and art festivals are in the air and the aroma is intoxicating. Summer is here and with Bonnaroo just around the corner, the world is itching to start jumping around in a tight crowd of people who have not showered in days and are eager to purchase overpriced bottles of water. But before everyone can begin their season of debauchery and the search for a fist-pumping celebrity in the masses, organization for these events is key.

Apps have been developed for many of the past and up-and-coming festivals of 2013, including Coachella, Governor's Ball, Warped Tour, Lollapalooza, and more. While our parents never needed an iPhone at Woodstock, we live in a different world, so here's five reasons why using great mobile apps can enhance your festival experience:

1. Staying together

There's a good chance your situational awareness isn't going to be at the same level as when you're on your weekly trip to Whole Foods. With that said, there's also a good chance you will eventually lose contact with your festival mates. Stranger things have happened at music festivals than someone getting lost for three days. It would behoove you to use apps like Find My Friends or Foursquare, so if you're ever in a sticky situation where you've unintentionally separated from the group, you can track down each other so you won't be lost for long. These apps will help you easily find your friends -- if not yourself.

2. Connecting with friends -- old and new

With 98 percent of the U.S. online population using social media, we are accustomed to meeting new people all the time and what better place to do that than with friends who like the same music? Using apps like Sonar and Highlight, you can connect and start a conversation with individuals in close proximity to you and within your social graph. This gives you a great chance to get to know some of those unique and wild individuals that surround you. You can also use Ribbon before you even get to the festival to see which of your friends are going too!

3. Making time

There's a lot going on at music festivals and with tickets going for $200+, you don't want to miss your favorite bands. While there's something to be said for going with the flow, it's also important to be organized. Using an app like Fantastical, you are able to efficiently schedule your own special festival line-up within its colorful and modern design. This way you're sure to be where you want to be when you want to be, which is better than meandering through the mob when your fave band is killing it on a nearby stage!

4. Getting pumped!

Apps for festivals like Coachella have a radio channel designed especially for that festival so you can listen to the music you're waiting to hear from the comfort of your bedroom. Festivals also tend to put out playlists so you can fill your earbuds with your favorite sounds using apps like Spotify or Soundcloud. These mixes will also treat you well when you're on that 16-hour car ride to Bonnaroo!

5. Staying connected

You know you should put your phone down. But now that you're all suited up with that flowery headband and tie-dye T-shirt, it suddenly seems like a great time to whip out Instagram to make all your friends jealous of the incredible time you're having. Post anything from selfies to that stranger you met when he accidentally elbowed you in the face. Use Twitter to create a tweet about it, tag whichever festival you're at, and hit that share button. Then put your phone in your pocket and get back on the dance floor!

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