The Top 5 Ways to Help Protect Elephants on World Elephant Day

Today, August 12, is World Elephant Day, a day where animal lovers around the world unite to celebrate the majestic creature and call attention to further need for their protection.

World Elephant Day was started in 2012 and has since blossomed into a movement of individuals, celebrities and nonprofit organizations working to ensure the future survival of all types of elephants.

As we see international outcry on surrounding animal poaching atrocities, the time has never been better to stand together and help the elephants of the world, whether in Africa, Thailand or in the US, thrive in the wild.

Here are 5 easy ways your readers can help elephants escape exploitation and poaching:

  1. Stand Up for Elephants in the US.

While animals have been used in circuses for decades here in the US, many are abused and mistreated. In fact, just this week the city of Austin, TX voted to ban the use of bullhooks, long sticks featuring a sharp hook at the end used to control circus elephants. Much more can be done though, and your readers can urge Congress to support the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, ending the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses.

  • Raise Your Voice to End Elephant Slaughter.
  • The US government released its proposal to stop the ivory trade within the US. While they do send a clear message that the US doesn't tolerate senseless slaughter, we need to raise our voices to ensure that these regulations fully protect elephants from the organized crime that surrounds poaching.

  • Up Elephants' Legal Protection.
  • There's a poaching crisis in Africa (Tanzania reports 60% reduction in their elephant population) and the US Fish and Wildlife Service can help conserve the species by reclassifying the African elephant from 'threatened' to 'endangered' - also effectively banning the trade of ivory products and elephant parts here.

  • Spread the Word.
  • If you're spreading the word about efforts to help elephants on social media sites, check out World Elephant day for badges and banners to share and add the hashtags #WorldElephantDay #GoGrey #BeHerd #Elegram #SaveElephants #JoinTheSTAMPede #96Elephants and #SayNoToIvory.

  • Follow Care2 for more.
  • is the world's largest social network for animal advocates. They've championed the rights of elephants (and other wildlife, like Cecil the Lion) for years, and their community of 30 million members really helps make a difference in this arena - especially since they were instrumental in
    to end their use of elephants in their acts.