9 Reasons Newlyweds Don't Have Sex On Their Wedding Night

After the wedding, newlywed couples usually rush back to the bridal suite for some post-nuptial hanky panky, right?

Not necessarily.

According to a new survey by UK money-saving website VoucherCodesPro, less than half (48 percent) of newlyweds actually consummate the marriage on their wedding night.

Of the 2,138 people surveyed (all of whom tied the knot in the past three years), those that skipped wedding night sex gave insight into why they did so. Here are their top nine reasons in order:

The 2,138 people surveyed -- all of whom tied the knot in the past three years -- gave insight into the reason they skipped wedding night sex. Here are their top nine reasons in order:

1. The groom was too drunk (24 percent)

2. The bride was too tired and fell asleep (16 percent)

3. The bride was too drunk (13 percent)

4. Had to look after our children (11 percent)

5. We had an argument before wedding reception ended (9 percent)

6. Needed to leave for our honeymoon (9 percent)

7. Stayed up all night partying/celebrating with guests (7 percent)

8. The groom was too tired and fell asleep (4 percent)

9. Neither of us felt like having sex (4 percent)

Check out the slideshow below to see some of the most interesting findings from iVillage's 2013 Married Sex Survey.

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Married Sex Survey

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