The Top Authorities on Design Give Hot New Ideas to Style Your Space

For those who will be updating, decorating or redecorating this season, you can tap any of the trends presented here regardless of budget or space.
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One of the most exciting elements of the Spring season are all of the industry happenings and shows. There's of course Fashion Week for the fashion industry, along with the industry's many showroom events and tradeshows that arrive between now through the end of the year. Beauty and other conferences are underway with many throughout the country, like CosmoProf in Las Vegas. In interiors, décor and design, several tradeshows happen that showcase some of the most innovative and stylish products and ideas for house and home. This month it's West Week at the gorgeous Pacific Design Center, and so many more great events to come.

Catching up with one of the most recognized authorities in design, Chuck Chewning, Creative Director at Donghia, Inc., shares that travel is "greatly influencing and inspiring" interiors this season. While color and prints still continue to hold attention in the market, Chuck adds that there's a "movement to creating personal collections in the home," be it art, a specific period of furniture, or niche objects. He also notes that we'll see lines and shapes softening and becoming more curved this year, with materials more luxurious and precious.

Janice Feldman, president of JANUS et Cie, shares that "heirloom quality furniture" is trending, with "interior designers and their clients wanting timeless pieces enjoyed for generations to come." Janice also noted that classic aesthetics in furniture is returning versus edgy or ultra modern, which has been on trend for some time. Collaborations at JANUS et Cie are said to be exciting this season.

One of the most thrilling new trends in interiors is what Holly Hunt, owner of Holly Hunt showrooms and collections, refers to as "fashion to furnishings," -- one of a kind, limited edition used in at least some part of the design. She adds that curves, asymmetry in shape, and "fewer rules" are also reigning this season in interiors.

Which of course, great design and an incredible space is all about.

For those who will be updating, decorating or redecorating this season, you can tap any of these trends above regardless of budget or space. Weave the travel inspiration trend by getting creative with individual décor items like unique globes, maps as art pieces, or stackable vintage luggage. Larger travel trunks and cases can double as furniture for a cool, unexpected look. Softer edges on furniture and other pieces are becoming more abundant in retail stores - rolled arms on lounge chairs and sofas, ottomans and other furniture items doubling as coffee tables, etc. Unique, one of a kind and heirloom is a very fun décor trend to work with. See if you can rummage among parents, grandparents or even your great-grandparents to find true heartfelt furniture and other treasures.