The Top Décor Trends For 2017 According To Pinterest

01/06/2017 03:01pm ET | Updated January 9, 2017

For Architectural Digest, by Melissa Minton.

We’ve asked the experts, and now we’re turning to social media: What will the biggest home decor trends of 2017 be? Pinterest just released its list of 100 trends for the new year, and we’ve pulled out some of the ideas the social media site predicts will be top of mind in the home department. From navy as the new go-to neutral to modern nightstands — and even the Danish concept of hygge — here’s everything you need to know before January 1. Thank you for your iridescent finishes and soft pink touches, 2016, but it’s time to move on to something new.

Wood fireplaces

William Waldron


Douglas Friedman


Indoor plants

Oberto Gili

Farmhouse style

Heated floors

Marble wallpaper

Hygge, a Danish word for comfort

Joshua McHugh

Acrylic décor

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