The Top Slutty Internet Halloween Costumes

On the latest episode of the What's Trending Podcast, comedian Jason Horton talked about Justin Bieber's dick pics, girls kissing, girls in sexy Halloween costumes, shooting videos with half-naked girls... It was basically dirty jokes from beginning to end. This should surprise no-one.

He sat down with What's Trending to discuss the latest internet news, and of course Bieber was first on the list. "I'm a nobody and I know that if I had my dick out, somebody is going to take a picture of it," Jason said; but so far he hadn't looked at the pictures. "I haven't looked at it because I have what it looks like in my mind -- I have it as it's super short but really wide. And I don't want anything to break from that. It's my interpretation of his dick."

Other topics included Ariana Grande kissing Liz Gillies, and Jason filming his "Morning After" comedy video with Jenna Marbles.

We also discussed our favorite internet-themed slutty Halloween costumes -- including emojis, Pizza Rat, the blue-and-black/white-and-gold dress and Cecil the Lion -- and the difference between sexy costumes and slutty costumes that will make for the ultimate naughty selfie!

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