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The Top Ten Reasons We ALL Need a Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it got me thinking... moms are just another thing that are totally wasted on the young.
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Notation on Calendar
Notation on Calendar
Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it got me thinking... moms are just another thing that are totally wasted on the young.

Kids don't appreciate at all how great it is to have someone working around the clock to make sure you have nutritional food to eat and weather-appropriate clothing to wear.

don't appreciate even a little bit
a mom's 24/7 attention to detail, whether it's inspecting small lacerations to the skin, detecting possible sadness in a tone of voice, or discovering hidden candy stashes before every rodent in the neighborhood takes up residence in the family home.
From nurse-duty, chauffeuring and a range of personal assistant duties, moms have an amazing skill-set. I say quit wasting moms on kids who don't appreciate all the services they provide, and let's start getting a mom for every grown-up. Especially all us moms, we need a mom the most.
Here are my Top Ten Reasons We ALL Need A Mom:
10. Moms tell you when you've watched enough TV, surfed the Internet long enough, and played enough video games and that it's TIME TO GO TO BED. This is especially important when you have a big day tomorrow!
9. Moms prepare three (semi) healthy meals a day, and are willing to cut-up fruit at a moment's notice. Moms will remember your favorites, and make them as often as possible. And moms will cook food to your specifications, plate it according to your whims, and even clean-up afterwards. All you have to do is sit still and eat your vegetables once in awhile.
8. Moms keep track of your nutrition and make sure you take your vitamins, eat enough vegetables, and drink plenty of water. They also make sure doctors are seen annually, and that any health problems that arise are taken care of without delay.
7. Moms manage your social calendar and schedule playdates at regular intervals to make sure you get to see all of your friends at least a few times a month. Moms also plan and throw the best birthday parties, and get you that just-what-you-wanted present.
6. Moms schedule your days to make sure there is time allotted for outdoor time, free play, exercise, as well as the all important quiet time -- and if desired, alone time. Moms also allow more than enough time to arrive at important appointments on time, and moms will usually even factor in traffic, a delayed start, or an unexpected bathroom or food break into the trip.
5. Moms help make important wardrobe decisions. Whether it's too much, too little, too seasonally inappropriate, or just not right for you, dear -- mom always makes sure you look your best. Also? Mom will sometimes even pay for that new outfit.
4. Moms always make sure there is time to read everyday, as well as regular trips to the library and book stores for new reading material. If there's an author you really like, she'll often surprise you and come home with the latest book.
3. Moms make hot drinks when you come in on cold days, and cold drinks when you go out on hot days. Often with fun straws and pretty cups. They will also make these same drinks for all your friends, if you just say please.
2. Moms encourage you to say you're sorry when you really should, even if you really, really don't want to.
... and last but not least, the #1 reason we all need a mom is to:
1. Tell you when to knock it off and stop fighting with the people you love the most.

Happy Mother's Day!

What other reasons do you have for why we ALL need a mom?

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