The Top Ten Sesame Street TV Show Parodies Of All Time (VIDEO, POLL)

News circulated this week that "Sesame Street" will be parodying "Mad Men" in its upcoming season, which made us positively giddy. What could top Don Draper's sordid past except for Elmo playing Don Draper having a sordid past? In honor of the news, we thought we'd compile other parodies "Sesame Street" has done of grown-up TV shows and let you pick your favorite. Enjoy!

Law and Order Special Letters Unit

RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation

Desperate Houseplants

Miami Mice

Monsterpiece Theater: "Twin Beaks"

Outrageous Makeover: Home Addition

30 Rocks

Sally Messy Yuckyael

Squeal of Fortune

Pre-School Musical

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