The Top Ten Things You NEED To Know About Ben Quayle

When Arizona GOP congressional candidate Ben Quayle released a powerful campaign ad recently calling Barack Obama "the worst president in history" the Arizona Congressional candidate was catapulted onto the national scene.

But just who is this doe-eyed young man, and why does he want to "knock the hell" out of Washington?

Apart from being the son of Dan Quayle, former Vice President and perpetrator of perhaps the most epic spelling fail of all time, not very much was known about Ben Quayle for certain. Allegations of the Republican primary candidate's involvement in an X-rated gossip website had been tossed around, but Quayle's real connection remains clouded at best. And what was the deal with those two little girls pictured with him in a campaign mailer: "rent-a-family," misleading use of "terrible cuteness" or something more innocuous?

Check out a list of ten things you need to know about Ben Quayle, below.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Ben Quayle