The Touching Reason This Viral Father-Daughter Prom Pic Was Taken A Day Late

We're not crying. You're crying.

When a California teen realized her father was unhappy about missing her prom pictures, she decided to make it up to him. 

Lourdes Medrano’s 54-year-old father had to work on the night of his daughter’s big dance. Since Miguel wasn’t able to see her dressed up for her special night, the 18-year-old senior at Everett Alvarez High School recreated the moment for him.

The day after her prom, Medrano put on her dress and got ready again to surprise her dad. She posted a picture of their belated father-daughter prom moment via Twitter on Sunday, and the photo went viral.

The Latina teen, who lives in Salinas, told We are mitú she decided to give her dad the prom pictures he wanted out of gratitude for everything he does for her. 

“My dad works in tractors for Boutonnet Farms,” Medrano said. “Since my dad is always helping out with my expenses, I just wanted to show him some appreciation back.” 

Medrano said she was very surprised about all the attention the photo has received and has been particularly touched by people who’ve shared stories about their own fathers, some of whom had passed away. 

“I’m gonna be honest: Before this went viral, I did appreciate him for all of his hard work, but I have recently been getting some touching stories of people who have lost their dads and how my tweet made them remember theirs!” she told Vivala. “We have to appreciate our loved ones while they are still here with us.”

Her dad hasn’t quite grasped the magnitude of his overnight fame. 

“My dad is very old school, making it hard for him to understand how social media works,” Medrano told We are mitú. “But I did try explaining to him what was happening and he is in disbelief.”

On Wednesday, the teen posted a screenshot on Twitter of a text exchange she’d had with her father about the viral fame. When Medrano tells her dad he’s famous, he asks why. She then explains it’s because of the photo and he simply responds, “OK. Ha haaaaa.” 

Oh, dads. You gotta love them. 



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