The Towel Workout You Can Take To The Beach

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By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan for Life by Daily Burn

Photo: Pond5

Don't own a single dumbbell, kettlebell or medicine ball? Hey, we don't blame you. Workout equipment can be pricey -- and take up tons of space. Plus, when you're on the road -- for business or for pleasure -- you can forget about packing it (especially if you have any hope of fitting your carry-on in the plane's overhead bin). That being said, not having gear is no excuse for skipping workout.

Besides using your own bodyweight, which can tone your body from head-to-toe, "hacking" your workout equipment is another way to get your heart pumping. And we're starting with something everyone's got: a towel. That's right, a basic terry cloth towel can actually serve as a fantastic toning tool.

As Daily Burn 365 trainer Becca Pace puts it, "When you pull a towel tight, you're creating resistance." Pace, who demos a full-body towel workout below, swears by using the bathroom essential to work your back and stabilizer muscles, which can be difficult to target through bodyweight-only moves.

The Total-Body Towel Workout

To complete the routine, do each move for one-minute -- or 30 seconds on each side, for the squat-to-lunge rotations. Feeling extra strong? Run through the circuit twice -- or hey, we'll double dare you to try it three times.

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