The Trending 20: Things Teens On Twitter Can't Live Without!

"The Trending 20" is a regular series where we round up interesting, informative and hilarious tweets from worldwide Twitter trending topics, fueled by young tweeters on the interwebs. Have one to submit? Give us a shout @huffpostteen.

It's been a harrowing week for those of us on the east coast, with Hurricane Sandy causing major damage and leaving millions of people without electricity. For many of you, school is closed for a third day in a row.

Today, Twitter took a break from focusing on the devastation of Sandy in the form of the worldwide trending topic -- fueled by young people -- #10ThingsYouCantLiveWithout, which showcased all the things users felt grateful for in their lives. Tweets ranged from the lighthearted, "my hairdryer!" and "One Direction," to the more earnest, "my parents" and "my faith." Click through the slideshow below for a roundup of Tweets, and share the things you can't live without @huffpostteen or in the comments below.