The Trick To Making Flank Steak As Tender As New York Strip

In this case, the way you slice it matters.

There's a big price difference when it comes to a fancy cut of meat like New York strip and a less luxurious one, like flank. Strip makes its way into the poshest metropolitan restaurants, while flank sees more backyard barbecues. The reason is that the New York strip is known to be one of the most tender of steaks out there -- thanks to its short muscle fibers and small amount of connective tissue. As you can imagine, a cut of meat like the flank has the exact opposite qualities.

But what if we were to tell you that you can make a flank steak taste just as luxurious as a strip? Because, it's true -- it's all in the way you slice it. Cook's Illustrated did a round of tests with fancy equipement that proves just that. Watch what they did:

It's exciting news, we know. Just think of all the money you'll save -- and all the tender steaks you'll enjoy from here on out. Bon appetit!

Here are some more great tips and recipes from Cook's Illustrated:

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