The Trick To Stealthily Drinking A Beer In Public

No one will know.

No matter how harmless it may seem to drink beer on the go, in many places it'll result in a fine. Drinking in public spaces is a big no-no, but that doesn't stop people from trying. If that's you, it's time to rejoice because one Kickstarter campaign is hoping to make your attempts easier with Lolo Lids.

Lolo Lids let the rest of the world think you're drinking coffee when in fact you're throwing back an ice-cold beer. How? It's all about the snap-on plastic coffee lid technology. If you're not sure what that means, watch:

Clever, huh? Unfortunately, Lolo lids aren't in production just yet. If the brand meet its Kickstarter goal, it hopes to roll out with product in 2016. Head on over to the campaign for more information.

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