The Tripod Pup That Inspires Thousands of Followers

The Tripod Pup That Inspires Thousands of Followers
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Princess Bethanee Hamilton - New Life

Already a local cover girl, with fan mailing pouring in, Princess Bethanee Hamilton , an inspiring poster pup has plans to bring awareness to her pet causes: adoption for special needs canine and putting smiles on faces. She is adorable with just that squirrelly eyed face, but once people walk past and realize she's a tripod, they immediately melt. She has big plans, once she takes her afternoon nap, to globally elevate the happiness factor in the lives she touches via her illicit spunk that has catapulted this little a la Francaise bulldog to Popularity in the social media world. Her mission statement: Lift a Leg and Lives one day at a time. Her name change (from Princess), was inspired by Bethany Hamilton, the young professional surfer who survived a shark attack, losing an arm in the struggle, who has gone on to lead a blessed victorious life, to lift others up. Like her namesake, this little Bethanee chose to thrive rather than just survive after losing her limb.

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Princess Bethanee (the pup) elicits compassion, her obvious amble comprised, with can do sidewalk soul surfing attitude as she casts love to those that pass her by. In just over 5 short months, Bethanee has gained over 25k Instagram followers and had thrice that in views on numerous posts. Lindsay Van Bramer is coaching her little one to face her fear of the steps up to the house while we chat. To Bethanee this incline is a mini Everest that she must summit. She looks at us, with a bring it on, what's next glance and just does it, the stairs, the hurdle leapt with courage and leaves her apprehension behind. "I don't baby her, I know she can do these things, it just takes a little time for her to to gain the confidence to figure out a new way how. " Lindsay feels her little French Princess has a destined purpose to open hearts and elevate awareness for rescue pets who struggle with disability. "One of my goals is to have her certified as a therapy dog to bring joy to kids and seniors in hospitals and nursing homes."

Lindsay Van Bramer - PardonThyFrench

Bethanee was found on the side of the road, discarded and picked up by the Pound and sent to the local shelter, unclaimed. During the regulation spaying surgery she flat lined. Miraculously, she came back from where the good dogs go, bestowed with another plan. When Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue stepped in to foster her, the vet discovered during a routine check up that she had cancer. By chance, her now owner, Lindsay, saw a post requesting funds to help off set the surgery fees to remove Princess’s hind leg. Heart melted and determined, despite hundreds of folks ahead in line requesting to adopt this sick little pup, Lindsay decided to apply, also. "I wanted her the moment I saw her online. Once we were introduced, I was done. I would do whatever it took to get her." The diagnosis of cancer hasn’t halted her precious pup’s joy seeking sassy personality. In fact, it seems to have intensified her 'we got stuff to do mom and let's get to it’ spirit. Lindsay was granted her charge after some hoop jumping and the promise to keep Princess B by her side, day and night.

Bethanee has recovered from the removal of her bad leg and making creative adjustments balancing her new tripod stance with fresh determination and support. With grit and glee she struts with a new gait down the streets of the Pearl, parting the sea of pedestrians outside of Powell’s City of Books and 10 Barrel Brewing with her moxie. Her loss, her handicap, has given this petite Frenchie the opportunity to invite fellow seekers of glee, to walk their own walk, in their own manner, obstacles included. "She brings so much joy to me, it feels almost selfish not to share," Lindsay confesses. She inspires at every turn. Her slow motion fashion model hair shake and skipping strut through the leaf piles at a local park sparked over 60 thousand views. Like any notable protagonist in a worthy story, she keeps us raptly attentive to What’s Bethanee Going to do next? Well, she just might don a wacky mini lion's mane and Simba sashay through the city grass patches. She has more costume changes than Beyonce. Thanks to her stage mamma, followers and fans can enjoy the Van Bramer directed @PardonThyFrench productions released each day.

Bethanee Hamilton - PardonThyFrench

An elderly gentleman at the local Zupan’s Market spotted B side kicking as Lind’s provisions were bagged up. 'Hey she's not as cute as my bunny", he exclaims, then laughs heartily. Bethanee sticks her tongue out extra far in response to this Cracker. She seems to uncannily translate conversations. "She is very clear in articulating what she wants. Grunting for food, to pee, or mostly just to sit on your lap. She is very social, but will fall asleep in the blink of an eye", shares mamma Lindsay. She nearly slept through a Nordstrom’s Gucci counter employee chasing her down, just to get a photo op.

She has stepped into her new role quite with ease. She takes the adoration and attention in stride. She is a petite little runt weighing in at a whopping 12.5lbs, that thrust herself into a spotlighted life with a purposeful pace with built in down time to recharge. "We can do a lot but we are a little lazy sometimes," Van Bramer sheepishly admits.

Princess Bethanee Hamilton + Lindsay Van Bramer on adoption day

Aside from avoiding the puppy mill, the great advantages to rescuing a pup are: they usually are pre-owned, certified, house trained and fixed. And of course their journey to You, the new owner is usually a character building overcoming obstacles plight that transforms a regular pet into an extraordinarily compassionate one. Bethanee accompanies Lindsay to meetings daily where they are teammates inspiring business owners through the creative process. Bethanee is therapy, joy and inspiration, and that must be shared. All in a days work for this little Frenchie that could.

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